Monday, January 16, 2012

Fly Like an Eagle: Mail Presort Services

The growing cost of mailing products makes it imperative to be on the lookout for services that reduce your overall cost. Rates for mailing direct marketing materials, invoices, and account statements are on the rise and companies are increasingly turning to a presort service provider to find solutions. A presort mail service provider can dramatically reduce the overall cost of mail.  

There are strategies available to businesses that will reduce costs and save time in mailing material. The time is now to address the issue of rising mail costs and find a practical solution that fits your needs.    

The Right Choice
The United States Postal Service (USPS) reports that, by presorting your mail and reducing labor costs, businesses can save money by lowering their lower postal rates. Simply by grouping mail within zip codes can dramatically reduce the overall cost of mailing material. The post office states this is one way they pass on savings on commercial postage rates to businesses.

Increase your revenues through a strategy that integrates efficiency and time savings to realize a better solution. You are able to save money with these types of mailings:   

  • Statements
  • Contracts
  • Invoices
  • Bills
  • Catalogs
  • Company Prospectuses
  • Annual Reports
Each of these categories of mail can benefit from presorting and are available to receive discounted rates. The USPS requires a minimum of 200 pieces for Standard Mail® and a 500- piece minimum for First-Class mail. For some businesses, they do not generate enough mail volume to qualify, but with a presorted mailing service, we are able to combine mailers and pass these savings on to you. The benefit is substantial. There is a significant discount by presorting and these savings will continually add up month after month.    

Time Savings
Another advantage of using a presorted mailing service is their ability to bypass the USPS sorting process and save time by eliminating this step. Your mailings move directly onto USPS trucks and head straight to their destination without the wait time necessary to process it. Your statements and invoices as well as catalogs and brochures can be in your customers’ hands quicker.  

We are Here to Serve You    
The advantages of using a presorted mailer service are two-fold. You save money by combining mailers with other postal customers and save time by bypassing the USPS sorting process. 

Here, at Advanced Mailing Services, we are ready to assist you in addressing your mail processing goals. Our staff will be happy to review your mailing goals and give you in-depth information on rates.   

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