Monday, January 23, 2012

Strike While the Iron is Hot: Direct Mail Trends for 2012

Businesses searching to ramp up their direct mailings this year should research the current trends and see how they can apply these techniques to increase their market share. A number of trends appear to be hot for 2012. 

In an article online at DMCNY, they expanded on what they saw in terms of direct mail trends and offered a few valuable tips for increasing your direct mail campaign. They focused on a set of trends that consumers are embracing and identified ways to expand your direct mail offers to increase your market share.

Getting the Timing Right: Offering the Right Balance of Special Offers and Discounts:
  • Today’s consumer is focused on receiving the best value for their dollar. To be competitive, businesses must offer well-designed and intriguing direct mailers that offer interesting special offers and discounts. They drive home the point that you need to specifically target your audience and offer them deals that appeal to their lifestyle.    
  • According to DMCNY, the use of demographic tools can focus your direct mail campaign and increase your market share through specific tailoring. This ties directly into specific market targeting. If you have a detailed set of demographics, you can better tailor your mailers and offer your customer what they want.    
Losing the Typecast: There is No Average American
Deliver Magazine expands on the demographic angle and offers these and more tips to increase your direct mail campaign.
  • Our society continues to evolve, and we must use the tools of the U.S. Census Bureau to accurately identify our target audience to succeed
  • According to Deliver Magazine, married couples in the United States are, for the first-time ever in American history, a minority of the U.S. households.
  • Single people living alone now make up over 27 percent of households within the U.S.
Statics such as these can shape your business campaign and alter your marketing plan to cater to a new set of clients. Use these tools to their fullest to receive the best value from your direct mail campaign.

Language Barriers
The most effective and creatively written direct mail campaign can be lost if there is a breakdown in communication. Barriers in language can hamper your goals and make generating revenue impossible. Target your specific audience and identify potential areas of conflict to avoid lose of revenue.

The Keys to the Kingdom
The potential for a successful direct mail campaign are within your reach. You have all the tools necessary to succeed and expand your business. Create a savvy direct mail campaign based on demographics and offer the right blend of discounts and specials. Advanced Mailing Services gives you the keys to the kingdom by offering you a first-rate company and services.  

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