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What Is Volly?

Volly provides the mechanism for business owners to integrate their printed and digital mail into one unique and seamless platform that allows customers to quickly and efficiently access their billing and monthly bill statements, special coupons or discounts your firm may be offering, seasonal catalogs or sales promotions and more. They can do this right from their computer 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Volly empowers the client like never before. Paying bills can be done from anywhere they have computer access. Clients can process payments directly from their checking accounts or via the many credit cards Volly is set-up to accept.

Your customers will be able to access Volly by utilizing Desktops, Laptops, Androids, I-phone, Ipads and other similar Tablet devices. You control the messages your clients see, so customers can securely access the Volly platform and avoid being subjected to spam and the thousands marketing messages that hound them via open web applications.

Benefits of Volly

1) Eliminate Paper Mail & Related Processes
2) Lower Your Overall Monthly Expenses
3) Connect With Your Customers Like Never Before Wherever They May Happen To Be
4) Provide A Digital Platform Clients Can Use At The Precise Time They Want To Use It
4) Deliver Critical Business Communications To Clients Via A Secure Digital Platform

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