Monday, February 27, 2012

Maximize Your Profits: How Automated Address Correction Can Generate Huge Savings

We are all in the business to make money and any way we can reduce our capital outlay and maximize our bottom-line will only strengthen our operation and make us more competitive. This is why Advanced Mailing Services is always on the lookout for ways to assist their customers in receiving the best value for their money.

Each dollar a company saves can be used to reinvest in equipment, invest in research and development, or hire additional employees. Continued growth is good for business and we are on the forefront of offering valuable services to our clients to facilitate their potential.

The Little Problems That Cost You Money
Mislabeling and not having an accurate address can prove costly to your business. In today’s ever evolving business climate it is more important than ever to use each and every resource to its full advantage. Having the correct addresses for your targeted customer base can generate substantial sums of revenue and promote the growth of your business.
According to the National Change of Address services (NCOA),  approximately 80% of all mail is undeliverable due to incorrect addresses. This is a substantial figure and any tools you can utilize to increase your address success will provide you with a more competitive edge.

We Have Compliance   
Your best bet for success depends on your ability to reach your target audience. With automated address correction services, you can be guaranteed of reaching your customers. Beginning in May of 2011, the United States Post Service (USPS) began requiring the Intelligent Mail barcode which increased efficiency and speed of delivery. And, this can only mean more money in your pocket. Any avenue that increases your postal compliance, cuts down on return mail, and saves you money on processing is sure to be a winner.

Your secret to savings depends on:
Returned Mail: The expense realized by returned mail drives up your overall business costs because you end up reprinting flyers and catalogs and then resending them.   

Customer Connection: When you lose your ability to engage your target audience, you lose your potential sources of revenue. In addition, you lose the opportunity to engage with your customer in a meaningful way and devalue your own commitment to customer service.

United States Postal Service Compliance: By holding your company to the highest standards to ensure quality, you can increase your ability to receive USPS mailing discounts which can reduce your overall mailing costs.

Strategic Market Analysis: It is imperative that you determine population trends to assurance you are reaching your targeted demographics.

Eliminate Unnecessary Operating Costs: You can increase revenue through the elimination of fees associated with collections and reinstatements, misdirected mailers, and notifications.

Advanced Mailing Services has the Solution
Every problem has a solution and Advanced Mailing Services is ready to assist you in all your mail related needs. Simply call us at 505.899.3104 or visit us on the web at to learn about all of the valuable services we offer.


Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Advanced Mailing Services Embraces Exciting New Territories

Exciting, new changes are afoot at Advanced Mailing Services. We have recently overhauled our website and we are pleased with the outcome – and we are sure you will be too!

Our new website is extremely user-friendly and assists you with better understanding how our services can help. The site also provides you with a one-stop shop for mailing. Our colorful and interactive new website makes navigating our site easier than ever. Come along with us as we take a guided tour through our new website and you can discover what all the fuss is about.

At the Click of Your Mouse  
As you browse our new website, you will see each category is clearly marked so that our clients can quickly locate the service or services they are searching for. Our Web designer, Design-First, has conveniently located our main services across the top for easy access and navigation. As you continue down the left side, you will see additional links for Volly™, our direct mail services, and our first-class mailing services. We have also included a continuous feed on our Twitter account as well as an easy Facebook link. Each link is accessible and gives you the ability to find each service quickly and efficiently.

Tweet, Tweet 
The idea for the continuous feed on Twitter was suggested as a way for our clients to be kept abreast of any new services, specials, or announcements that might otherwise go unnoticed. We have the unique ability to reach our clients via Twitter even if they have not gotten on board the Twitter train. These quick Twits inform our clients of extra savings and additional services available. Sign onto Twitter today and link to our Twitter page to learn about all the ways you can save money on mailing services and more.   

Our Facebook Link
We are excited about embracing social media to interact and engage with our customers while informing them of our services and products. We are committed to providing outstanding levels of customer service, and our Facebook page allows the ability to engage in dialogue about our services with our customers. We have always been responsive to our clients’ needs, and Facebook serves as an additional tool to facilitate communication.   

Where We Go from Here
As we settle into our new website design, we will continue to work with Flyline Search Marketing to investigate and utilize Internet marketing to engage and inform our clients. At Advanced Mailing Services, our clients have always been our top priority, and we look forward to serving you now and into the future.    

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Climbing the Ladder of Success with Direct Mail Advertising Automation

Your time and money are important to you and you expect and demand that your advertising dollars return real dividends. This is the only way to succeed in today’s highly competitive business market. You must constantly adjust your strategies and methods to achieve a greater level of success.

Here, at Advanced Mailing Services, we are on the forefront of changing technology and continually look for ways to assist our clients in achieving their goals. This is why we have introduced and campaigned for the use of direct mail automation to support our clients in their specific financial and marketing objectives. Take a few moments to learn of the advantages of direct mail automation.

Direct Mail Automation
Our clients continually ask us to explain direct mail automation. The premise of direct mail automation is mailing addresses are converted into a postal-certified barcode and printed directly on the mail before it is shipped to the post office. When you convert to automation bulk mailings, we use post office approved software to encode your mail. Before your mail leaves our store, it is ready to be shipped and delivered to an address.  

Saving Money the Old-Fashioned Way
Anytime you remove a step from a process, you save money. This is where automation comes in. When we ship mail to the United States Post Office, it has to have its address scanned and converted into a barcode. Then the barcode is either printed directly onto the mail or an address label is created.

With automation these steps are eliminated and the mail gets shipped directly. Thus, the post office reduces the cost of the mailer. These savings are passed directly onto you. Your cost to send bulk direct mail advertising is reduced substantially and these savings can be used to increase your marketing audience or in other areas of advertising if you choose.

Reach Out and Touch Someone
Direct mail automation will reduce your overall cost to send out your advertising and increase your response rate. Your goal is to streamline your services and increase your customer response and company revenue. Advanced Mailing Services is here to help. Our direct mail advertising automation will help you coordinate, manage, and process your direct mail campaign.
Our Team is Standing By 
Our experienced staff is ready to assist you with all your mailing needs. Talk to one of our friendly customer service representatives and discover how affordable it is to get started with a direct mail automation platform. Don’t wait to begin increasing your sales units. We can have you up and running shortly.   

Sunday, February 5, 2012

The Pathway to Success: Your Most Effective Marketing Strategies for 2012

Direct mailer advertisers should hit the ground running in 2012 with a defined marketing strategy to engage customers and increase revenue. Now more than ever, it is important to set goals and targets and learn from past successes and mistakes to increase your market share. We face stiff competition from our competitors and any edge we can gain should be used to our full advantage.

See if you are poised for success in 2012 by reviewing these top strategies.

Appearances Count
The look and feel of an ad can inspire a range of emotions from your targeted audience.  Carefully review your mailers to see if you are using outdated language, poor graphics, and stale tactics to engage your audience.

Think like a consumer and review your mailer with a jaundice eye. Toss it on the table and see if it catches your attention. If it does not catch your eye, it will not catch your audiences’ eye. Revise, Revise, Revise.

Take all the Available Space
Now that you have reviewed your mailer and streamlined it with fresh and engaging graphics and content, see if you are using both sides of your mailer. If you are only using the front of the mailer, the back can be used by another company. Why not use this space to give directions to your location, your contact information, or even insert a customer coupon.

We are in This Together
Look for ways to tie your business or services in with an event or holiday this year. This can be Valentine’s Day, Christmas, the Super Bowl, or any other holiday as well as a sporting event or happening where you can make a lasting connection to a customer.

If you sell food, add special coupons for Super Bowl Sunday.  Merchandise companies can easily tie-in to Valentine’s Day and Christmas. You get the idea. People shop and spend money on these days, so if you can associate your business to these events, then you can increase your revenue.

Study the Competition
Review the competitions’ ads and see what they are offering in terms of sales and coupons. If you have the opportunity to talk to them at Chamber of Commerce meetings or other business gatherings, discuss with them the different benefits they have seen from either their sales ads or coupons. Find out which one has driven the most sales and plan your strategy accordingly.
The First Step toward Success in 2012
Advanced Mailing Services is ready to assist you in reaching all your goals for 2012. Please feel free to contact us today and begin implementing your own strategies for a successful 2012.