AMS Services

Advanced Mailing Services

Albuquerque's Premier Direct Mail Advertising & Bulk Mail Handling Service Provider


We are a USPS certified Full Service IMB Mailer!

Advanced Mailing Services has been serving the Albuquerque, New Mexico area since 1992. We are located at 2701 Girard Boulevard, SE  Albuquerque, New Mexico 87107.

Direct Mail Services:
  1. USPS – Mail Preparation:  First-Class, Standard and Periodicals
  2. USPS – First-Class Presorting
  3. USPS – Onecode Confirm:  Destination and Origin
  4. USPS –Free Address Correction Services “ACS”
  5. Pitney Bowes – Digital Mail Box
  6. Ink Jet Addressing
  7. Folding
  8. Tabbing
  9. Label Application
  10. Materials Insertion
  11. Mailing Lists
  12. Printing and Copying

First-Class Mail Presorting

The goal of presorting is to decrease the amount of USPS postage required for a mailing.

Mailers postage discounts start immediately. Mailers metered their mail at discounted postage rates.  Postage savings occur daily with no change in the mailers daily mailing routine.  Advanced Mailing Services picks up customers mail and delivers to the USPS daily. 

Advanced Mailing Services implements an industrial Multi-line Optical Character Reader (MLOCR) that bar codes and sorts mail at a production high speed.  High speed sorting enables customer’s mail to be delivered to the USPS the same day of mail pickup. 

Properly prepared bar coded mail is delivered faster than non bar coded unsorted mail. To start discounting your companies postage requirements, please contact Advanced Mailing Services today.