Monday, March 26, 2012

Helping Businesses with Migration to Digital Mail Opportunities

 Advanced Mailing Services is ramping up its Volly services as an authorized New Mexico Volly reseller, Albuquerque Volly reseller, Rio Rancho Volly reseller and Santa Fe Volly reseller. The AMS Volly reseller services is part of the Pitney Bowes Volly program, which is helping to evolve businesses to a digital mailbox for all their needs and offering multi-platform access that makes it easy to use through a computer, iPad, or smartphones like Android and the iPhone.

Understanding What Volly Does
Launched by Pitney Bowes in 2011, the Volly service offers a secure channel for approved businesses to contact customers digitally to avoid the costs of traditional direct mail while also ensuring that the online messaging is not viewed as spam. This is critical, considering the rapid evolution of mail service and the ongoing changes with traditional mail delivery and the associated costs.

For businesses like yours, you will be able to rely on one, efficient, and effective mailstream to serve your customers by offering them different channels for receiving information whether that is sales and marketing information, payment information, or product and service information. And, it certainly does not mean giving up the traditional channels through which you reached out to customers – if anything, you actually can integrate multiple channels for greater coverage and engagement without incrementally expending your entire budget.

The Volly platform handles print and mail production, serving as a conduit to help businesses and consumers take care of all their needs whether it involves bills and statements or it offers a way to connect through coupons, catalogues, direct mail and valuable content. It also enhances the experience by allowing businesses to understand their customers’ preferences in terms of what content and what channel they want to receive it while also being able to provide alerts to inform customers of new information that they need.

Benefits of Using the AMS Volly Service
The key benefits of the AMS Volly service include:
  • Eliminate paper mail and related paper processes, including invoices, statements, coupons and discounts, and promotional materials.
  • Lower overall monthly expenses.
  • Connect with customers in new ways that are more likely to reach and resonate with them. 
  • Offer a convenient digital platform that can be used and accessed when they need it. 
  • Ensure that critical business communication reaches client through a secure digital platform.
An Authorized New Mexico Volly Reseller
To spread the service, Pitney Bowes has been carefully selecting mail service firms across the United States to form authorized reseller relationships, one of which is Advanced Mailing Services in New Mexico. The Volly service will launch to consumers during the second half of 2012, helping to encourage the migration to electronic billing, statement, and payment services and away from paper-based services.  To learn more about this cutting-edge service, please contact Advanced Mailing Service at 505-899-3104 for more information.

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