Monday, February 27, 2012

Maximize Your Profits: How Automated Address Correction Can Generate Huge Savings

We are all in the business to make money and any way we can reduce our capital outlay and maximize our bottom-line will only strengthen our operation and make us more competitive. This is why Advanced Mailing Services is always on the lookout for ways to assist their customers in receiving the best value for their money.

Each dollar a company saves can be used to reinvest in equipment, invest in research and development, or hire additional employees. Continued growth is good for business and we are on the forefront of offering valuable services to our clients to facilitate their potential.

The Little Problems That Cost You Money
Mislabeling and not having an accurate address can prove costly to your business. In today’s ever evolving business climate it is more important than ever to use each and every resource to its full advantage. Having the correct addresses for your targeted customer base can generate substantial sums of revenue and promote the growth of your business.
According to the National Change of Address services (NCOA),  approximately 80% of all mail is undeliverable due to incorrect addresses. This is a substantial figure and any tools you can utilize to increase your address success will provide you with a more competitive edge.

We Have Compliance   
Your best bet for success depends on your ability to reach your target audience. With automated address correction services, you can be guaranteed of reaching your customers. Beginning in May of 2011, the United States Post Service (USPS) began requiring the Intelligent Mail barcode which increased efficiency and speed of delivery. And, this can only mean more money in your pocket. Any avenue that increases your postal compliance, cuts down on return mail, and saves you money on processing is sure to be a winner.

Your secret to savings depends on:
Returned Mail: The expense realized by returned mail drives up your overall business costs because you end up reprinting flyers and catalogs and then resending them.   

Customer Connection: When you lose your ability to engage your target audience, you lose your potential sources of revenue. In addition, you lose the opportunity to engage with your customer in a meaningful way and devalue your own commitment to customer service.

United States Postal Service Compliance: By holding your company to the highest standards to ensure quality, you can increase your ability to receive USPS mailing discounts which can reduce your overall mailing costs.

Strategic Market Analysis: It is imperative that you determine population trends to assurance you are reaching your targeted demographics.

Eliminate Unnecessary Operating Costs: You can increase revenue through the elimination of fees associated with collections and reinstatements, misdirected mailers, and notifications.

Advanced Mailing Services has the Solution
Every problem has a solution and Advanced Mailing Services is ready to assist you in all your mail related needs. Simply call us at 505.899.3104 or visit us on the web at to learn about all of the valuable services we offer.


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