Monday, April 9, 2012

The Cure for Mailing Headaches: The Advantages of Comingling

Small businesses with big mailing lists often complain that a huge part of their overhead is spent on the cost of mailing. Even with bulk rates, it is a huge financial pinch to get those monthly newsletters, advertising flyers, and other pieces of mail to customers and potential customers without breaking the bank.

Maybe it is time to consider using a mailing service that can offer the kind of services that your business needs. Just because you have a small business does not mean that you cannot benefit from using a service like Advanced Mailing Services. In fact, there is a service called comingling that can make at least some of those headaches disappear.

Businesses in Albuquerque want to spend their money wisely and keep their overhead to a minimum. Getting their message out to customers can be a costly investment with postal rates that look as if they are going to go up again.

So, how can savvy business people in New Mexico get the most from their mail business dollars? That’s simple. Let Advanced Mailing Services comingle your mail with other businesses locally so that you can get the best rates possible.

What Exactly Is Comingling?
Comingling means merging many groups of mail into a single mail stream that is then processed. All clients whose mail is handled this way enjoy substantial discounts when certain levels are met. For example: The U.S. Postal Service requires at least 150 pieces of mail with the same zip code before granting the discount. When savvy businesses band together to comingle their mailings, that number is much more likely to be reached and the discount granted.

If you have very large mailings, the cost of comingling may outweigh the savings, but when your business is smaller, the savings will definitely be worth the investment. When you comingle and combine it with drop shipping, your savings increase even more.

Our website has a complete list of the advantages to comingling your mail. As New Mexico’s only authorized USPS full service mailing facility, we can get the job done and save you money doing it.

An Experienced Partner
Advanced Mailing Services has been in Albuquerque and around New Mexico for that past 20 years and we are specialists when it comes to all types of mailing services, including the trend toward digital mail.

Utilizing the latest technology and offering  the latest digital mailing service, including serving as a Volly reseller, we can get your mail delivered in the most efficient and cost-effective way possible.

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