Monday, April 23, 2012

Out With the Old and Ineffective and In with the New Digital Mail Platform

You write a letter, toss it in an envelope, throw some postage on it and lastly slip it into the mailbox. Then what happens? Well, chances are you forget about it and get back to your busy life. Have you ever really stopped and thought about what happens to the mail when you are done with it?

The Inefficient
Clearly, it ends up in the hands of the mailman and, at the end of his route, the post office. After that, it’s sorted and eventually placed in the hands of a mailroom clerk.
Now, way back, everything was done in the mailroom was done by one of these mail clerks. But now, with all of our technological advances, the mailroom has become far more efficient as the sorting is done quicker and more accurately by a sorting machine than a human being.

The Rarely Used
Now, you are probably thinking they have sorting machines and other technologies to make the mailing process quicker, so that means they use them right? Unfortunately, no, that is not always the case. While many businesses and even the USPS have access to these advancements and some may even use them, not all of them do. There are many reasons for this.

It could be the funding, or it could just be that not everyone accepts change as easy as others. Whatever the reason, it doesn't change the undeniable fact that those types of mailrooms are just plain old. They aren't as fast, and human error can really create havoc when it comes to ensuring flawless delivery.

What can happen is that you may find that your bill is late or that birthday card arrives a few days late. While these are just minor and unwanted inconveniences, they are still something that doesn’t happen. And, when you are a business and this happens, it can mean higher expenses, lost revenue, and a tarnished reputation.

The Solution
What to do? Well, if you are really looking for a change, it would definitely be a good idea to look for someone else to handle your mail, whether you run a business – big or small – or just want to have your personal mail handled with skill and efficiency.

We, at Advanced Mailing Services of Albuquerque, are the choice for you. When it comes to mail services, we can proudly say that we are the best. Offering a variety of mailing services, including electronic mailing and a digital mail platform, you can be assured that our partnership will make inefficient mail services a thing of the past.   


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